Mediterranean elegance and cosmopolitan spirit merged together in a global vision.

We like what we do, and it’s easy to see. Versatile, creative and chameleon-like, we are an international team that brings out the best of every culture. We’ve been working with the best, and we know how to apply it to your business to provide you with the results that you need.



Meet the Team.

Sergio Martínez


Roberta Piana

Co Founder SEO-SEM

Andrea Díaz

IT Manager

Ionut Andrei

Senior Graphic Designer

Pilar Fernández

Content & Social Media Specialist

José Ángel Maestre

Senior Web Developer

Diego García Martínez

Video Editor Junior

Leonor Briceño

Web Developer External Support

Lu Liang Ying

Web Developer Junior

Víctor Cerrada Pérez

 Graphic Designer Junior

Sara B. Patrón

Content & Social Media Junior

Daniel Martín García

Graphic Designer Junior